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Terms & Conditions

  1. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Custom Fireplace Patio & BBQ agrees to install purchased items per manufacturers requirements.

  2. PAYMENT TERMS: 50% deposit due upon placement of order, balance due day of installation or delivery. If any remaining items are back ordered, owner/contractor may hold back 50% of those back ordered items only.

  3. RETURNS: 25% restocking fee on all returned items must be in original packaging. Open boxes cannot be returned. No return on custom orders and glass doors.

  4. GAS & ELECTRIC SERVICE (for Gas Fireplaces only): Custom Fireplace Patio & BBQ does not install gas & electrical; rough & final connections. Installation of gas and electrical service must be done by others. Contractor/Owner must reference product installation manual and local building codes.

  5. COMMENCEMENT OF WORK/FRAMING: Framing for fireplace installation must be done by Contractor/Owner prior to installation. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for framing, mantel, hearth, facing material, non-combustible area requirements and specifications for your unit(s). After all holes are cut and headed, chases are complete (including trim), platforms are built and face framing is complete per specs. Job site not ready and if modifications cannot be performed in 45 minutes or less will entail a $175 return trip charge. In addition, platform in which fireplace sits must be level by Contractor/Owner.

  6. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: Sale of Fireplace Appliance includes 3 project site visits; Pre-site, Installation & Start-Up. Additional consulting/coordination services on site available at $50/hr.PAINTING: Painting of flues, tops, vent caps, flashings, chase covers and any other vent and chimney components are not included.

  7. ACCESS: The Customer agrees to allow and provide Custom Fireplace Patio & BBQ crews and our equipment access to the property, room for loading and unloading, accessible walkways and stairs with 36” minimum width.

  8. CLEAN UP: Custom Fireplace Patio & BBQ will remove from Customer’s property, debris and surplus material created by the products purchased.

  9. PERMITS: Any required building permits are the responsibility of the Customer and are not included unless specifically noted in the Sale Documents.

  10. RIGHT TO STOP WORK: Custom Fireplace Patio & BBQ shall have the right to stop work if any payment shall not be made when due under this agreement and keep the job idle until all payments due are received.